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Indrani Sen


I have a strange problem.   I have a course divided into multiple modules, and each module has 3-4 tabs.  For some modules, the tabs play perfectly, whereas for others it does not play at all.  However it works nicely in 'preview' mode, but the strange problem happens only in 'Publish' view.  So sorry about sounding vague.  My final project is big, so how can I send the file to you.  Also I opened a case for this issue.  But reaching out as I am in a rush.  Thank you


Indrani Sen

Hi Leslie, 

I recreated a work-around.  It was working fine..till I did something.  Please can you take a look?  I will be happy to send u the source file.  

All the sections work.  The only tab that does not work is 'Personal hygiene'.  When I click the 'next' button, it does not show the next layer 'ph2'.  Please can you take a look? 

Many thanks,



Leslie McKerchie

Hello Indrani,

I see where you posted this response in your support case as well. I escalated it as you requested.

I took a look at the file you shared here, and I do not have an issue with the Next button on the Personal Hygiene slide and it goes to the ph2 layer as expected.

I would encourage you to continue working with the support team so that we can get this resolved and prevent any confusion. 

Thanks :)

Indrani Sen

Hi Leslie,

I was trying the published view, and I am getting the same error every time. Actually it works first time, but then when I try it again, I always get the white screen. As you mentioned it is the inconsistences that worries me. I hope the engineer can help me out, and show me a work-around.

You mentioned that you had escalated this case. I hope for a speedy solution. Thanks again for all your help.




Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Chris.

Without seeing the file, my initial thought is that it's related to the manually created triggers for the built-in states ("I have set up a trigger to change the state of each box to selected when clicked on").

When using Built-in states, there's no need to create a trigger to change the object into that state. The logic is all done by Storyline for you.

Try removing those triggers to see if the project works as expected. If it doesn't, you're welcome to share the .story file here, and I'm happy to take a look at what's happening. 

Chris Thomas

I presume you mean sending it via email?
Slide 1.12 is our problem child.

There are 4 links to other slides that must be clicked before the next button is enabled.
But I cannot make this work.

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Chris,

As Maria said, it confuses the program if you use triggers that duplicate what happens automatically. Built-in functionality will change an object with a Visited state to Visited as soon as the user clicks it. So don't use a trigger for that.

So, you've got a trigger to change the state of the Next button, but it isn't running. Here are the typical issues for that:

  • The trigger appears after a trigger that jumps to another slide. That doesn't work, because the program can only run triggers on the slide it's on. This can be fixed by moving the trigger up.
  • The "when" for the trigger isn't happening. How to fix this depends on how the slide is set up. 
  • Another issue with custom menu slides: The trigger to change the state of the Next button runs and the program jumps to the appropriate slide. But when the user returns, the trigger that disables the Next button runs again. This can be fixed by using a variable and trigger conditions. 

This post provides more info and a demo file about the programming for custom menu slides:


This post provides more info and a demo file about different methods to control the Next button: