slide(s) not becoming greyed out in player menu

Jan 04, 2016

Hi, everyone.

I hope you are well. I have a story that a slide is not becoming greyed out after moving past it. It's actually a knowledge check with 15 slides. In the menu, I just have one Knowledge Check entry. Can you think of a common reason why a slide wouldn't become greyed out? I'm attaching a screenshot here.

Thanks for any ideas you have!

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Cheryl Hoover

Thanks, Wendy. I have an intro slide to the knowledge check. It's followed by a game board that looks like a Jeopardy game. Then there are twelve slides that each represent one question. Then there's a results slide. I've reviewed all of them and they all have a Submit button and no Next button. Next is enabled on the game board only if they've visited all the other slides. It is a variation of Jacinta Penn's Quizzify game.

I thought I could revise the menu by removing that Knowledge Check entry and adding back in all the slides and figure out which slide is the offending one?

Cheryl Hoover

I just tried it. I added every slide from the game back onto the menu, and they all greyed out as I completed the question on the slide.

Then I was thinking it might be because I have a button and a hot spot on my "Start the Game" button which is redundant? It does show that that slide greys out, though. Could a hotspot and a button to move to the next slide cause a problem like that? I'm grasping at straws, obviously!

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