Slide Viewing data in SCORM reports

Sep 21, 2016


We run a MOODLE LMS (SCORM compliant) and the SCO data that reports to the LMS is "jibberish".  Is there a way that Articulate Storyline can report what "slide screen number" a student viewed?  For example if there were 5 screens (slides) in a AS2 storyline published SCORM could it report "slide 1 of 5, slide 2 of 5" viewed ?? is this possible?  Somebody must know ?

see attachment of what the LMS currently reports from AS2

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Dean.  So you don't have a degree in Jibberish?  :)

This is the information that Storyline should be conveying to your LMS as far as quizzes go, including "id" which should help identify the question slide.  

Are these quiz slides/screens that your learners are viewing?  Are you tracking through results or by slides viewed?  Just trying to get a feel for how you're setup and what information you need to pull from these courses.

Sean Morrow

I'm the in the same boat.  I'd like to be able to view which slide the user viewed.  Mine are set up in 3 scenes, I'd like to know which scene they used.  Your link said this "

"id: Storyline sends a series of data for this string to identify the Scene#, the QuestionDraw# (if applicable), and the Slide# in that particular scene or question draw."  

Can you translate that? Is that what I'm looking for?


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