Slider can't be grabbed at certain positions. How to fix?

Jul 27, 2020

The slider I had in the uploaded interaction only worked well on the left three positions. The right two required moving the mouse to the exact very bottom of the slider. I changed to another type of slider (the current one in the sample), and those right two positions barely work at all. Other types of sliders do this as well. It makes the interaction seem broken. Is this a Storyline glitch? What are my options?

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Matthew Adams

Hi Kristen, 

I hate to be that guy, but when I open it on my end, the slide is functioning normally and I can't seem to see the issue. Attached is a GIF showing what it looks like when I operate the slider.

I can understand if you think it just naturally looks clunky, I agree, but regarding the right 2 positions not working properly, I didn't come across this issue. 

Perhaps if it's consistent throughout other modules you are working on, you may want to uninstall and reinstall your Storyline product?

Kristin Fiore

Thanks. I changed the step count (thank you! I didn't realize that's what that did), but my interaction experience is quite different.  I can't move the slider by clicking somewhere on the slider bar, only by clicking on the slider and dragging it. Also, when I get to the older woman, it turns from a hand into a cursor and I can't move it at all unless I grab at just the right spot at the bottom. This also happened with a previous version of Storyline. 

Tom Kuhlmann

1. The slider is a slider so it's not designed to click and move to a spot. If you want to do that, you could add hotspots to set the slider variable to X and the slider will move there.

2. My guess is that the characters on the layers are sitting on top of the slider. When you jump to a layer, the slide layer content is on top.

Kristin Fiore

THAT WAS IT!!! Thanks so much. It was the clear part of the PNG that was over the top of the slider. It looked like someone's example had them clicking on the slider to drag it to a certain spot, and that was an unexpected behavior to me, but not something I need. I didn't realize the images were overlapping. Thank you , Tom :-)

Hugh Vaughan

Anyone know if its possible to make the slider track fill transparent? To aid users know where the steps are, I thought I'd add some interval markers (small vertical lines, evenly spaced) but I want them underneath the slider pointer. A fix would be to make the fill colour transparent but there are no options for this.

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