Slider value change on click

Mar 14, 2023

Hi All,

Rather than requiring the user to drag a slider to change the slider value, I'd like to give them the option to move the slider by just clicking on the slider.

I've set up what seems to be a logical trigger sequence, but can't get it to work.  Apparently due to the mouse click durations causing the loop to automatically complete. (mock up storyline file attached)

I referred to this thread, which is old, but still can't get it to work. So hoping someone can help (have tried setting the slider update mechanism to both 'when learner releases' and 'while slider is dragged')

Many thanks in advance!

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Daniel Canaveral

Hey Martin. I would tackle this situation by creating a nearly transparent "clickable area" that sits on top of the slider and tracks the number of clicks via a variable ("clickCounter" in the attached project file). Triggers are then set up to connect the slider's thumb position with the value of that clickCounter variable. The slider "resets" when the clickCounter reaches a certain value (in this case, 5).