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I've noticed when you attached a gif to a slider thumb it flashes. Also when moving the slider it gets stuck on the first frame of the gif. I've tested this with a number of gifs I get the same 'flashing' each time. 

For comparison, I've added the gif on the canvas.

I suspect it's just the way gifs work on a slider. But also not sure if it's a bug?

So was wondering what alternatives there maybe to achieve the same result. I considered taking each frame of the gif and setting up the slider to have a number of states which are triggered as the variable changes when the slider is moved.

But I don't know if there's a way so if you let go of the slider or stopping pressing the key the image would revert back to the normal state?

I know I could also achieve something similar with motion paths as a backup plan but ideally wanted to use a slider.


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Math Notermans

Most Storyline UI-elements, like the slider, behave well given the default options. If you need more specific setup you best build a custom one.

Gifs work best when keeping them at 100%. Scaling them can give problems.

So how to create a custom slider?
Well tons of examples on the community... here is one based upon using hotspots for the slider effect. Offcourse you can extend that to drag-behaviour or use Javascript to create very cool sliders..
But this should get you started at least...