Slow performance and Lag

For the last several months my team and I have started to notice lag on several different Storyline 2 courses. The courses work as expected before being uploaded to our LMS (Cornerstone).  Once uploaded, they are tested in the LMS by various reviewers within our office.  All users test the course on Windows 7 or 10 in IE and meet the minimum system requirements. Some user experience lag on most or all slides, and some users do not experience any lag at all. What should we do to troubleshoot this issue and determine the cause.  Please help!

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Crystal Horn

Hi Sarah.  Thanks for reaching out for help!  Whenever I hear about an issue that involves some, but not all, of a set of users, I try my best to find all of the common denominators among the affected users.

  • Are all of the affected users working on the same Windows version?
  • What version of Internet Explorer are they using?
  • Is Flash Player enabled in IE?

Your users can visit this site which will generate all of that information easily:  I love this site because it's one-stop shopping for all of those details.

I would also recommend uploading your LMS output to SCORM Cloud and have the affected users test from that platform.  Once you upload to SCORM Cloud, you will just send them a link to view the course.  We use SCORM Cloud to rule out if there's an issue with the course or with the LMS.  Here are some tips on using the Cloud to troubleshoot.

And as always, I'm happy to test your course on my end.  You can share your .story file here with me, and I can try to reproduce the laggy behavior.  If you need to keep your course private, use this link to upload it.