Slow response time when working on slides with Drag & Drop

Hi All,

I am wondering if anyone else has experience very slow response time when working in slides with a Drag and Drop interaction. When I click on an object SL delays about 2 seconds... it responds normally on all other slides that don't include a similar D&D interaction. 

I am not sure if it is the added Drag and Drop functionality that is slowing SL down or if the problem is that I am trying to have the user drag a Group of objects (Image and text). Below is a screenshot of the Slide... any ideas of how I can avoid this delay?



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Jordan Leino

Hi Simon,

I just imported that scene into a new project (still delayed) and uploaded it for you to have a look. Thanks so much for taking a moment to check this out for me, I really appreciate it.



PS. I have also had problems when copy and pasting the text that are grouped with the images - they have often changed formatting when pasted... All the rest of my 40ish slides work fine except for the 4 that are built from this one.

Simon Perkins

IME moving around big images (especially close to 1Mb and above) can really grind things to a halt if you have loads of them (in SL or anything like PowerPoint etc).  It's always best if you crop them down and "Save as picture" (or crop/compress elsewhere and re-import).  You can shave Mbs off individual slides let alone projects.

Jordan Leino

Ahhh, yes - it was a 2mb image that I had used as a background image for entire slides in the slide master. I was experimenting with the lesson buttons and did created smaller image, but then forgot to actually replace the mock-up images I had created. I just replaced them with small images and the lag is gone. LESSON LEARNED!

Thank you Simon for helping me out - there is nothing more frustrating than a lag time of 2-3 seconds when you are tweaking little bits

Cheers and have a good day!