Small but usefull Feature Request

May 27, 2023

When selecting multiple buttons or elements on stage you can paste a copied trigger to all elements. Thats nice...but wouldn't it be even better when you have pasted a trigger, as they are all selected after the pasting action...they would ALL act when you reorder that trigger. Now they all get pasted at the lowest order of a list of triggers.. if you need to get the new trigger at the top, you need to manually change them one by one.

So i suggest either make all triggers act on a reorder... or make it so you can select 1 trigger in a list on multiple elements easily ( you can do that now by going through all triggers manually and deselecting some, but thats cumbersome ) and a paste will paste the new trigger just below the selected one.

Kind regards,

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Eric Santos

Hi Math,

Thanks for reaching out regarding this request! I have recorded a quick GIF showing how I understood the description. I observed that the Move the Selected Trigger buttons are disabled after pasting the trigger to the objects. The request is to enable the Move buttons after the paste action, so that we can move multiple triggers.

Paste trigger to multiple objects

Let me know if my understanding is correct; thank you, Math!