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Oct 09, 2012

I am designing  an online course and am using the step by step slides feature in the screen recording. I have run into a small snag that I hope someone can help me solve.  In the process of entering data, there are three fill in spaces.  Storyline has added a "submit" button to those screens, which makes the simulation unrealistic.  I can get around the first two by setting triggers to submit the ineraction "when control loses focus" as the user clicks on the next blank data screen, but that doesn't work for the third data entry field.  If the user clicks on "add" (which is the next step) to "lose focus", then the program takes him/her to the screen where they are supposed to choose Add", so they would have to choose it again.  Is there a different trigger that I can use after they fill in the data (other than having them click "submit"?)to take the user to the next step in the process and still have the simulation seem "real"?  

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Ellen Wahlen

Thanks for your response, Blake.  It prompted me to give this a try:  I ended up making a fake "add" button overtop of the one on the screenshot.  If the user clicks there, I have them jump over that "step" in the simulation and if they click anywhere else on the screen, they go to the "add" screen (so they can get the "hint" to click "add". )

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