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Oct 13, 2016

1. During the slide layer the progress bar ends and again start from initial point for the second part. Can we use the single timeline for the base layer and slide layer. Currently it is creating problem to replay the whole page.

2. Is there any way out to replay Knowledge Check screen? Also when clicked on "Prev" button form KC page, it does not takes to its previous page. While it takes to last visited page. How can we correct its navigation. Pls help 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Ashish!

1.  This article about working with layers, specifically the section dealing with "Changing Layer Properties" describes how the base layer and its timeline interact with your slide layer.  Can you elaborate a bit on your set up, or even share your .story file for us to have a look?  It sounds like you might need to pause the timeline of the base layer when visiting the slide layer, but I'm not certain on what you'd like to accomplish.

2.  If the general trigger for the Previous button (jump to previous slide) is not accurate, you can change that trigger to point to a specific slide (jump to slide x.x).  That way, no matter how your user lands on the Knowledge Check slide, they'll go back to the page you desire.

Ashish Negi

1. "Working with layers" was of much help. I want to make a common seek bar for all the layers of one slide. Attaching the file, want to make a common seek bar for the certification layer(base layer), example and process layers(slide layers).

2. Couldn't find any previous and next button in the Knowledge check slides. 

Crystal Horn

Hi again, Ashish.  Hope you're well today!

Knowledge Check:  You can chose to include previous and/or next buttons on your question slides by checking then in the Slide Properties panel.


Once you have those navigation buttons included, triggers will be automatically added into your Trigger panel where you can specifically direct where those buttons lead.


As for the seekbar across layers question... You won't be able to have a seekbar that will be consistent across both the base and the slide layer.  Also, it is not possible to scrub back to the base layer by using the seekbar from a slide layer.  You can set the layer properties up like this:


And if you allow seeking in this layer, it will operate independently of the base audio timeline.  But you would need to develop another trigger to hide that layer if the user needed to get back to the base to start over.

I suppose the workaround could be to place everything on the base layer, with the secondary content and audio hidden until the primary (original base layer) content completes.  That way, a single seekbar will control the timeline for the entire slide.

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