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Oct 03, 2014

Hi everybody,


As a big fan of the Articulate Storyline suite (I've been using it since the beginning), I had to try the new version of Storyline. So I've imported my old SL1 courses into Storyline 2. Unfortunately there where some issues, I would like to discuss:

- All animations and transitions a r e     v  e  r  y         s      l      o     w            n        o      w
(and it will be a hell of a job to fix all the animations and transitions single handedly of all the courses I've built);


- Why doesn't SL 2 give a focus on the text boxes which I put below? Now a user first has to press on the text entry box, before he/she can type. This seems to function in a whole different manner now;


- Lots of slides with lots of triggers are just messed up and don't function as they used to in SL1;


- Also the trick where you had a trigger to pause the timeline at the beginning does now only work the first time you enter a slide, the second time you visit that same slide, the audio begins to play immediately and the pause trigger doesn't work anymore;

I'm a little desperate now, because I want to update my courses so they will play also on Android, but it seems I can't do the things I used to do, and the things I wanted to do in SL1, I still can't do in SL2 (like having a trigger to jump to a specific point in the timeline...).

What can we do to fix this?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Master, 

I'm sorry for the issues you've run into with upgrading your files. 

I have seen recently that there is an issue reported to our QA team, that has been confirmed as by design, that the animation timings in Storyline 2 are different than Storyline 1, so if you had a timing as very slow - it'll be slower in Storyline 2. 

The same is true of the text entry focus, that it's been reported to our QA team - although I don't have a status update on that yet. I'll add this thread to the existing report so that I can share any additional information here. 

If triggers aren't working as expected, we'd want to take a look. I know a thread I just saw mentioned that Storyline 2 added back in the default next button trigger. So it's worth looking at that as well. 

I'm not sure which "trick" you're using - but have you seen this method on how to pause the timeline? 

Also, we're always happy to take a look at your file either here in the forums or by sending it to our Support team. 

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