Some slides with audio does not play

Storyline 360.  I put my course on SCORM and launched it.  As I go through my course, I noticed that on some slides, the audio does not play.  Yes, the audio starts at about half a second.

Since the audio on my slides can be long, I don't listen to the whole thing.  Would that affect it?  I know my audience will be doing the same thing.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Norma.  That sounds like really inconsistent behavior.  Just to recap, you've published your course for LMS, uploaded it into SCORM Cloud, and find audio missing on the same slides every time you launch.

Let me see if I can help!  Would you be able to share your .story file?  Also, if you can let me know what browser you've tested and if your course acts differently between browsers.

Thanks for sharing!

Norma Kaplan

Crystal - thanks for responding to my discussion.  I just tried out the course in IE, before I used FireFox.  The audio does not play on that one slide.  I am unable to use Google -it got weird on me.  I have put in a ticket to support regarding this issue and another issue I am having.  I'm waiting to hear back!

Tom Graves

I am having an issue with audio playing on inserted slides. My colleague developed an introduction that is transferable.

I inserted it into my SL360 document and now the following is happening:

1) audio will not play in slide or project previews

2) audio will not play on timeline preview

3) audio will not play when published to html5

4) Audio plays when audio icon on slide is played

5) audio plays when audio file is played from timeline.

I have attached the course,..

Katie Riggio

Hello there, Tom!

Thanks for walking us through what's happening. I'd love to help you tackle the audio issues!

Here is a short recording of what I'm seeing happen in the file using Storyline 360 (3.37.21614.0) and a link to my published output: Audio plays on the slides where the audio files load during preview and in the published output, but not on the ones that show 'Loading Audio.'

A few clarifying questions to help us explore the next steps:

  • Does the problem appear on specific slides or all?
  • Does 'Loading Audio' appear near the audio files within Storyline 360 on your end?
  • Where are the media files saved? 
  • Any permissions on the audio files? I have seen reports where folks' Windows Information Protection process encrypted the audio and managed Storyline — but adjusting the permissions should do the trick!

I'm excited to dig deeper!

Tom Graves

Specific slides, in particular the first five slides are an introduction that another Instructional Designer built and I copied and pasted (I think I also used insert slides to try to fix instead, but not sure which I did with this file I sent to you)

Yes, at one point it would take a very long time for the 'loading audio' to resolve on the timeline, but the audio file still would not play (as described in my OP).

Media files are off of storyline's media library for video files and off a free audio website we have used multiple times in the past without problems. They are stored locally on the other designer's laptop.

We have ticket open to our IT support desk regarding permissions.


Vincent Scoma

Hi Tom,

Thank you for sharing those details! 

I am seeing the same behavior that Katie is seeing. May I ask how the slides are being shared? When working in a collaborative environment, I wanted to share a recommended workflow for sharing projects

  1. After creating, editing, or publishing a Storyline project on your local hard drive, copy the project file to your network drive for storage and sharing.
  2. When you need to edit or publish the story again, copy it back to your local hard drive.
  3. Edit and publish as necessary.

I mention this because when I reviewed the course and tried to open the audio file on the first slide, it looks like it is missing:  

Please keep us updated on what your IT team shares! I am looking forward to hearing back from you as we get to the bottom of this! 

Tom Graves

More info per our Yammer group:

Hello Thomas, Everyone at The Academy has been experiencing this who has SL 360. Ted Coffman, Ted, myself, Onnen, Sarah J have been doing some workarounds and Sarah is working with SL analysts. We have a ticket in. Here is what we know.

In coming from an old course to the new course, SL360 audio options seem to auto compress it. Compression is the enemy here. It must be set to none.
If your audio course has ANY wav files, it will not work. They must be mp3 and not be compressed.
If you course HAS mp3 files, please check to see within the option tab of the selected audio if you can change the compression to none.
If its grayed out. Then you need to begin this workaround which the brilliant Ted Coffman discovered.
Export the current mp3 as a wav file onto your desktop. Then I use Adobe Media Encoder. Import the wav file and reconvert it back into the mp3 file. Import it back into SL and then select Compression to none. I did a screencast of this....I going to see if I can link it here somehow from my OneDrive....

Katie Riggio

I appreciate the extra clues and you for keeping us in the loop, Tom. So thorough!

Because of the random nature of these audio performance issues, this is an excellent opportunity for our Support team to jump in to help connect the dots. I'm going to link you with them so we can get this straightened out for you and your colleagues as quickly as possible.

Look out for their email soon. I'll follow along, as I'm also curious to know what our Engineers uncover!

ToriShana Johnson-Niño

Hello, I too am having difficulty with a file where we have added audio to the slides. I have already published it in our LMS. That file works great. However, we need to update information on several slides but most say Loading audio, and nothing ever shows. The audio is coming directly from our recording on the PC. Is this common? How can I avoid this from occurring in other projects? The audio files are mp3 as well

Lauren Connelly

Hello ToriShana!

Sorry, you're running into this issue! If the audio is stored on your local drive, you shouldn't be running into any issues when updating the project. I'd like our Support Engineers to step in to determine what is getting in the way here. You'll want to connect with their team by submitting a support case. I'd recommend attaching the .story file so they can test the file.