Some slides with audio does not play

Storyline 360.  I put my course on SCORM and launched it.  As I go through my course, I noticed that on some slides, the audio does not play.  Yes, the audio starts at about half a second.

Since the audio on my slides can be long, I don't listen to the whole thing.  Would that affect it?  I know my audience will be doing the same thing.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Norma.  That sounds like really inconsistent behavior.  Just to recap, you've published your course for LMS, uploaded it into SCORM Cloud, and find audio missing on the same slides every time you launch.

Let me see if I can help!  Would you be able to share your .story file?  Also, if you can let me know what browser you've tested and if your course acts differently between browsers.

Thanks for sharing!

Norma Kaplan

Crystal - thanks for responding to my discussion.  I just tried out the course in IE, before I used FireFox.  The audio does not play on that one slide.  I am unable to use Google -it got weird on me.  I have put in a ticket to support regarding this issue and another issue I am having.  I'm waiting to hear back!