Sound snippet gone after publishing

Hi everyone, I hope someone can help me.

I have created a project with sound recordings that I recorded with my mic to go along with video sequences. I have added and synchronized all sound snippets to the slides, but after publishing the first sound snippets are gone on two of the slides. Strangely, in all other slides all sound snippets are still there. I have checked all possible solutions but to no avail. In the preview everything is fine, but after publishing the sound snippets are not there and it is always in the same two slides.


Edit: I have tried opening the story.html file in the output, rather than the html5 file, and now it works. Seems to be an html5 issue. Browser is Firefox (the most current version)...

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tim!

We typically advise to share the story.html file.

Articulate Storyline lets you publish courses for Flash, HTML5, and the Articulate Mobile Player app. To distribute your published content, upload it to your web server or LMS, then link to the story.html file in the published output. Here’s how Storyline determines which version of your content to display when learners view it.

We do not support the HTML5 content in Firefox as you can see here.