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Aug 29, 2016

Why would my recording now come across faded and sounding like I am in a tin shed??

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Wendy Farmer

When you download the latest version it will overwrite the existing version - just make sure you don't have storyline open when you run the file.  

I'm not a Moodle expert but I expect when you upload the published zip package to LMS, any functionality that you were getting from the old LMS should be available out of Moodle. Just test it and if it's not working come back in and post that as a separate discussion so someone can help you with that question.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Carol!

Sorry to hear you are continuing to have difficulty.

Check out this article and see if any of this assists you.

You mentioned the update, were you able to get that installed as it will repair your software as well if anything wonky is going on.

Is your issue with just one file or are you having difficulty across files? If just one file, you may want to consider importing into a new file to see if this alleviates the issue.

Also - I noticed in one of your replies above, that your signature was posted. Wanted to be sure that you were aware and invite you to edit if needed.

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