Sounds volume is very low!

I increase volume for a sound in the Audio Editor and when i click "preview sound" it sounds louder, as it should be, but when i preview the complete slide it's still very low. why is it?

I'm a mac user, and I recorded the audios in mp3, they have a nice volume, but when i copied to windows, the volume decreases, so I use the Audio Editor, but it's not working... 
What's the best format and workflow to manage audio? 


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Peter Anderson

Omahr, welcome to Heroes!

Have you had a chance to publish your course to hear if the quality diminishes? You can even adjust the publishing quality. MP3 files are generated with an audio bitrate of 192 kbps, and these MP3 files are stored within the project file. To learn how to change quality settings when you publish, please review the following article: