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Linda Lorenzetti

Wojciech, instead of having the dragged object return to its starting point, why don't you have different states (correct/incorrect) depending on which where they drop the object.  For example, if they drop the object in the wrong place, an "x" will show and they can try again.  See the attached example.

Wojciech Chrzan

Thanks, it is interesting, but not exacly what I want achieve.

I need drag&drop which works normally, but AFTER SUBMIT good anserws stay on their positions, and wrong come back to initial places. Submit is important for counting tries, and described mechanism allow to user think on his own, with no instant feedback like in your example. Unfortunately, the longer I think about it, the more it seems to me impossible in Storyline...

Wojciech Chrzan

Yes, this is totally what I was looking for! Thanks a lot!

Now, I have new riddle. ;) Where is the difference between my version (nowork) and changed version from linked article (work). It can be something related to upgrading file to SL2? I have no idea, why in my version drags don't change state to hidden.