Splitting quiz for different types of learners

Hi all,

I'm sure I knew the answer to this at one time but I'm having a brain freeze. 

I need to create a quiz that has some common questions for everyone but then a couple of questions that are dependant on someone's role. For example, the quiz has 12 questions; 8 of the questions everyone will take regardless of role. The quiz then needs to split... essentially 3 groups... group 1 gets 1 question, group 2 gets one question, groups 1&2 get the same next question, and group 3 gets no questions. I'm not even sure this makes sense to me!

Bottom line - can Storyline even do a split quiz and still have results reported (SCORM) correctly? I can't remember. Been out of the loop for a little bit.

Thanks so much!



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Ryan DeWitt

You can use a Question to randomize but not filter or hide questions. But check more into this. 

My idea:

Have the User enter their role as a code on the Start-up Splash Screen

That variable is used with a Trigger to navigate the user to unique set of  question slides (scene).

If have your course set for 80% required for complete, you'll have to add a set of triggers that set the hidden questions to their correct state on the last slide of the course. (Final Submission Slide) 

Easier solution:  create 2 courses that share a common Storyline Screen with that code or 2 buttons that direct them to the appropriate course. 

Good luck, glad to help further Leah :]

Leah Hemeon

Hi everyone,

Thanks very much for your replies and thoughts. I played around with this a lot today and I really don't think Storyline can do what I need. I'm attaching a sample project to show you the branching and question banks I need. In the end, the problem is that I can't get the results for the final results slide to report the correct score. Storyline wants to add up all the points for all of the questions, whether or not the learner had to take those questions or not. So, I added in separate results slides for each branch, but I still need a single results slide with the correct score to report back to the LMS. Any other thoughts on what I might be missing here?