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christine jeziorowski

Thank you Allision for taking the time to help...I created 3 people who are lying down made a state for each person so they sit up...when they sit up they talk..so the voice is in the state..you click the person which triggers the state...

problem is the first person speaks and all is fine if you wait till he finishes before you click the next person ..but if y,ou click the second person then the two voices happen together...not a big issue really ...just annoying...

Allison LaMotte

Of course, that's what I'm here for!

Have you considered creating layers instead of states for each of your characters? I think that would be the easiest solution to the problem that you're encountering. The default settings for layers are set to close any other layer when you open a new one, so the audio will stop playing automatically. Does that seem like a viable option in your case?

christine jeziorowski

Thanks Bret, Phil and Alison... I am an old articulate studio user and have converted to storyline ...so I am sure its me... If you could take a look that would be wonderful...




christine jeziorowski

Hi Alison,
... I have attached the story file...
(On another note.. the link I sent previously ....opened for me at home no issues but is opening blank in articulate...and I have noticed now that in challenge 68 new files are opening with nothing in them... just mentioned in case its an issue with articulate

Thanks again for looking at this for me.. Kind Regards Christine