state issue.

All the states are working as intended except 3. I am just wondering what I am missing. I can resolve this by layers I guess but just for my understanding I will post this here. 


A selected state will remove the button and add a white-filled text box (in order to hide the underlaying text on the base layer) on top of it. This seems to work in all buttons except for 3. I can't really seem to wrap my head around this I am afraid :P Thanks in advance :)

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Ali Goulet

Hi M!

I took a look at your .story and was able to determine that the cause of the state issue you're seeing has to do with the the Text Boxes on those three being in front of the corresponding Pictures in the timeline order. I moved all of your Text Boxes to be behind the Pictures in your timeline. You can move the positions of objects in your timeline by clicking and dragging them to a different position, or right clicking and choosing Bring To Front or Send to Back in the menu as depicted in this screen capture:


I've also attached your reordered .story below. Hope that helps! :)