State not restoring properly on mouse leave

Hi all,

I think i'm starting to go mad trying to fix this problem but on my menu slide i've had to create my own hover state because of the way the course is built, reasons I can hardly remember now as I've been working on this for months. Randomly my course has just decided that when the mouse leaves the hover that the original normal state does not appear with the icon.  Appears completely fine in preview, only when publishing the problem occurs.

Please any feedback as soon as possible would be hugely appreciated. 


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Narissa Kentfield

Hi Leslie, thanks for coming back to me it's only happening in flash which might be why you can't replicate it there. We need to publish in flash as there's a problem with our internal IT with fonts in IE in html5. If you have any ideas on work around that would be great. I have contacted support and they have said it is a bug with flash.

Narissa Kentfield

Hi Leslie, unfortunately the only thing they've suggested is to publish in HTML5 which we cannot due to internal IT issues with fonts. I have tried to do a work around with the image sits on top rather that within the same recentangle state and this is working. Now another flash bug has happened when they complete a scenario. When the learner returns to menu if they hover the passed or failed state it just disappears. Works fine in HTML5 but I have run out of ideas for work arounds in flash. 

Please please suggest ideas, the course is due to go live on Tuesday. 

Narissa Kentfield

Thank you for trying Jeff, I did try something similar. I also tried to create a fail and pass rectangle behind the current rectangle and deleted those states but even that isn't working as it should.  I have a feeling flash may not like it because I have my own hover state so I might try and use articulates default state and strip back the variables/triggers on Monday and rebuild it.