State of dropped object

I am doing a course where the user is in a "library" setting. There is a bookshelf with several books to choose from.  The user drag/drops a book on to a table. The slide changes and the user does some other interactions.  When the user returns to the library to choose another book, I would like the original book that was drag/dropped to still be on the shelf with a state change (visited or hidden). My result so far is when the user returns to the library, the book is on the shelf with no state change.  Im not sure how to make it stick...Please help

Terry Arthur

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Rinnai America

Hello again... after speaking with my stake holder, he wants to be able to revisit the book later if desired instead of it disappearing. Please advise how I can have the object dragged and dropped, but still be in the original location but state changed upon return to the slide.  Thank you.