States of objects not reset when dragging seek bar

Feb 01, 2016

Hi all

I have a slide with no layers, where audio is playing, and the state of some rectangles changes when audio reaches a certain figure, to state "done".

If I click the replay button, the states reset to normal.

My slide is set to "reset to initial stage".

If I use the seek bar to rewind and forward, the states of the rectangles stay where they were when I started playing with the bar; is this normal? I would like them to reset according to the timing of the timeline.

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Helene Caura

Hi Christie

Thank you for your quick reply.

I have attached the faulty slide. I have not yet placed my file in the client's LMS, but testing everything on my hard drive, as I always do. This should not impact the behavior of the seek bar, I believe.

What happens: narration starts, and the states of the 4 rectangles change in time when the timeline reaches x seconds. If I fast forward using the seek bar, it works fine. If I replay, it works fine too, but if I rewind, the states remain in their last seen state. I would expect them to go back to their given state on the timeline.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Helene -- My apologies, but I seem to be experiencing some difficulties with testing your file. In the interest of helping you get the assistance you need as quickly as possible, I will go ahead and create a ticket for you with our Support Engineers and you will be reached shortly via email. Your continued patience is appreciated! :)

Christie Pollick

UPDATE for anyone who is following along here... Here is what our Support Engineer had to say:

"This is working as designed; those states triggers will not reset unless you reload the slide or return to this slide from a previous slide. You can opt to add additional triggers that will reset the states to Normal in between your previous triggers. "

Hope that helps! :)

Erika Kuczysnki

I am having this same issue. I added the additional triggers as suggested. They work great when dragging the seek bar. As the user drags backwards, all my states reset. But, if you just click the seek bar back (without dragging past the trigger) the changed states remain. I am with Helene, leave the seek bar as read-only. It is wreaking havoc on my states, layers, and interactions! I am new to storyline so if anyone has/finds a solution to this issue, please share! I would love to be able to offer that functionality on projects.

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