Steps (and Cost) of Publishing Storyline Courses on Websites

Feb 22, 2021

We recently completed a Storyline project in HTML 5 (no grading requirements, simply a self-guided learning experience). We had our website host/developer quote $250 to put the finished project files on the website. They don't provide us with direct FTP access on this web platform, so they do the upload, but I'm simply unclear on the steps required for an upload and how much time it takes.

I think we'd like to use both Storyline and Rise more frequently and to to be able to publish up the files ourselves, but upload time and cost would need to be considered. At some point, we might use a WordPress site so it would be good to know if people have generally found publishing on WP sites easy or difficult.

Thanks for any guidance!

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Walt Hamilton

I could get rich loading published files to a website for $50/each. It literally takes minutes. The only steps that are involved would be putting a link on a webpage, if that is how they are being accessed. Uploading is logging in, dragging a folder, and waiting a couple of minutes.  If these guys are writing a webpage link, and uploading published files for $250, you are paying them about $1000/hr. I can only assume that they are VERY good.

There are some other considerations to using WordPress, and there are some considerations if you want to track usage and collect money, or things like that. If you know that ftp access is needed to upload a file, you already have more than enough knowledge to upload published files.


Saurabh Chauhan

You can use the GrassBlade xAPI Companion plugin, it simplifies the uploading process and gives you options to launch/play the content in:

  1. In-Page
  2. Popup Lightbox
  3. NewTab Window

Manage everything from your WP Dashboard, you can connect to a free LRS or use GrassBlade Cloud LRS, in case you need reports in the future.

It integrates with TOP FOUR LMS plugins, supports HTML5, xAPI, and SCORM content from almost every authoring tool.

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