Stop all audio from playing when button clicked

Jan 22, 2014

Another simple question but I can't figure it out.  I've got a "Next" button that fires an audio and

adds +1 to the value of the variable so when the button is clicked next it plays the next audio.

The problem is it plays the next one over while the old one is playing.  Is there a way that you

they click the button to stop all audio and then play just the one indicated by the variable.

How do I stop all audio so I can start fresh? 


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Michael Hinze

I'm not sure if this would works for you, but you could have slide triggers that play a audio file and stop the previous audio file, based on the variable value. See attached a quick example with a button that increases the value of a variable, which then determines which audio file is played or stopped. There is also a Restart button that  jumps back to the beginning of the slide.

Michael Hinze

ted hildebrandt said:


That should work.  I wish there was a "stop all" kind of command for audio.

Thanks for the help!  Seriously I couldn't get me project done without this

kind of help. 

Hi Ted, I agree, it would be nice if there was a trigger that stopped all audio on a slide. You can submit a feature request here:

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