Stop Randomizing Question Order - Question Bank not Used

Oct 04, 2021


I am fairly new to articulate and I am having an issue that I can't seem to solve.

I have a short module that I have created.  At the end of the module, I have a few questions that I have added to the end to ensure the user understands the content. 

I am NOT using the question bank, as I have a set of specific questions from the sort training that I want to ask in a specific order. The questions are numbered Question 1 - Question 10

I have added the questions as slides in Articulate 360 using Menu -> Slides -> Graded Question menu.  There is a results slide after the questions.  When I preview or publish the course, the questions appear out of order.  I am not talking about the answers are shuffled, but the question slides themselves are out of order I created them. (So question 7 appears before Question 2. then Question 5, etc.)


Again, I am not using the question bank as there are the 10 same questions the participants should be shown in a defined order.  How do I STOP them from being presented in a random order? Any ideas?  


It appears that if I create a question bank, I can then add the questions in the question bank and manipulate the question bank settings to do this, but it adds a level of complexity as we move forward and create other courses that is not needed.  I should be able to directly add thee questions and have them show in that order.

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Brad Iles

Please ignore my question - I figured it out!

It was not that the questions were randomizing, but an issue with the slide order in the player settings.

Menu -> Home -> Player

In the Player Properties Window:

Menu -> "Menu" (Icon on menu bar) -> This opens a list of the order it shows the slides on the player menu.

Bottom right, beside the gear is a button to reset the slide order in the menu navigation.  This solved my issue. 

Ren Gomez

Hi Brad,

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes! 🌟

I appreciate you popping back in here to share how you resolved the issue in resetting the menu order, as I'm sure others will find it helpful if they run into the same scenario.

If you run into other questions as you continue to learn Storyline, please don't hesitate to create another post in this forum, or you can also connect with our support team for technical help!