Tagging questions in a randomized quiz??

Jun 24, 2014

Using Storyline, is it possible to flag or mark a questions in a quiz and return to those questions after all questions have been presented? I am using a question bank drawing a specific number of questions randomly, for instance, 10 of 20.  In addition, to the randomized question draw, we are displaying a question counter to keep track of the questions as the learner progresses through the quiz (displaying 2 of 25, etc.), My client wants to know if the learner could tag questions in order to skip them temporarily and be able to return to those tagged questions after all questions have been presented. Is this possible?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dana and welcome to Heroes! 

Have you looked at setting it up so that the user could submit the questions all at once instead of as they complete them? This method is described here, and although it doesn't include a "tagging" to indicate which questions the user didn't answer yet, they could revisit them and see that there was nothing selected yet. 

Let us know if that helps and if you need anything else! 

Dana Maynor

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for responding! Yes, we are already using the submit questions all at once technique and are also using a "gateway" confirmation page before the Results page so the learner can go back and review all the questions before scoring. However, my client wants to have a way to review only those unanswered questions without having to review all the questions. So for instance, the question bank is 50 with a random draw of 25. Of those 25, the learner skips questions, 3,14, 21 and 22. As part of the confirmation gate, he wants to have two buttons, one that would say "Review All Questions" and the other "Review Skipped Questions Only."  Is this possible? We don't want to submit the questions as we go, so I'm thinking it might not be. Your thoughts please!

Thank you!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dana,

I'm thinking "out loud" here a bit - and it may be a bit of work, but there is a method similar to what you'd like to set up where the user reviews/retries only those that they answered incorrectly and it's based on the state of the selected answer. 

My other thought would be to include a variable that is adjusted based on the user clicking on the review skipped button - and adding a trigger to every question slide to jump to next slide when the timeline starts if the "answer choice(s)" are in the selected state and the variable is equal to True....? 

Dana Maynor


I think maybe your second thought is closer to what we are trying to do. It's not a matter of retrying questions they got incorrect. They would not have scored yet because we are using the technique of scoring all the questions at once and there is no retry quiz option offered. It would be more a situation where they have simply skipped the question by not answering (thinking I'll come back to this one) or they have answered but have guessed (thinking I am unsure of my answer so I 'd like to "tag' this one so I can come back to it before I score). So, on our gateway confirmation page they would have the choice to either (A) review all the questions or (B) review only those questions tagged before moving to the Results page to score. I hope this makes sense!! Thanks so much for continuing to brainstorm with me!

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