Storing Likert Scale Results In Variable

Mar 19, 2017

I'm looking to store values from results in a Likert Scale quiz page in a variable and wondered if anyone knows a way to do it.

I basically want 2 columns and to add up the number of selections in each column and then display the total number of selections for each column individually and store results in a variable.

Can anyone help me please?


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Paris Granville

How does the survey get reported in the LMS?

My Uses
I don't plan on using it for the learning management system. I wanted to use it internally to calculate advice for students. Based on their checking how well they can do something, I can calculate if testing out of a subject it appropriate. This would be delivered on a later slide. I don't need to capture this for an LMS. It is delivered back to the student.

My Solution
Create my own buttons that individual alter the variable. It's not perfect but it works pretty well.



Crystal Horn

Oh, I see, Paris. Thanks for the explanation! To report those results to an LMS, you would need a results slide that tracks the survey slide. Publish to LMS, and Storyline would send the question data to your LMS.

You are building your interaction the right way for your needs, however. To reference those survey results later, having button sets and custom variables will give you the most flexibility. Please let us know if you need a hand or an extra set of eyes! This community is great for helping with cool design ideas like yours.

Jeff Crerie


I feel like you may be talking about the exact issue we're having with our Likert Survey.

We want the survey to be completed only after the learner has taken (and possibly re-taken) the quiz and received their after the Quiz Results slide.

My worry is that because of its placement after the Quiz Results slides, the learner's Likert responses are not being recorded by the LMS.

Can you point me to a solution to this issue?

(I'm unable to share my Storyline file due to confidentiality, but I've prepared a screenshot that shows our Likert slide.)

Thanks for any guidance you can offer,



Ren Gomez

Hi Jeff,

Happy to help here! If you would like a survey to be tracked and sent to the LMS after a quiz, I recommend creating a separate scene and adding in the survey and Survey Results slide. 

You could then add an additional results slide to track both the quiz and the survey results and "combine" the score.

I've tested the file attached in SCORM Cloud and successfully reported the Likert Survey along with the quiz.

I hope this helps!

Jeff Crerie


I've looked into the two-scene file you shared. And I appreciate the advise to consider using SCORMCloud to test the files.

The thing is...we don't really want to add any additional interactions for the user. Especially, we don't want to give them the option to review their Likert Survey answers once submitted.

What would be super helpful is if you could tell me which command in your slides is the specific one that instructs the LMS to store the responses to the Likert Survey.

+ Is it the "Submit Likert" command on 2.1 SURVEY QUESTION slide?

+ Or is it "Submit results" command on 2.3 Results Slide?

If it's the latter that causes an LMS to store the values, can I just add that "Submit results" command onto the same slide with my "Submit Likert" command that already exists?

Thanks so much for your help on this!


Ren Gomez

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the follow-up! Both triggers are needed to report the Likert Survey:

  1. Submit Likert will submit the question to the Survey Results slide.
  2. Submit Results 2.3 will submit the combined results to the LMS.

Everything else can be edited, including removing the option to review the survey. So you'd essentially have to paint these slides as Thank You or End of Course decoy slides just so you can submit those triggers.

If you'd like to reduce additional slides, on slide 2.2, you can even choose to skip the slide by jumping to the next slide when the timeline starts.

I hope these tips help!