Story Project Does Not Finish Loading or Play for Reviewer

Jun 19, 2014

I completed a 100+ slide project, published it using both the Web and CD options, and deployed both sets of files on our corporate training web server.

Everything works fine for myself and three reviewers. A fourth reviewer sees the loader screen with the preloader progress object rotating, but the project does not finish loading...

I am not using HTML5, just the default options for both Web and CD publish methods.

The reviewer reinstalled flash, and is highly technical (a computer engineer)...

Any ideas? 



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jack,

What type of server is it that you're using? Is it similar to a web server, or closer to a network/shared drive? 

Also, does the fourth reviewer have issues viewing both the CD and Web versions? 

I would have him or her check the following minimum viewing requirements for Storyline:

More information can be found in this article:

Articulate Support - System Requirements for Articulate Storyline

If they still cannot view the content, it may help to know what browser and browser version they're running, as well as Flash. 


jack loganbill

Thank you for your in-depth reply.

The fourth reviewer cannot view either of the course versions (CD or Web). It does work on his system if he forces Chrome to be the browser. But it fails for both IE 10.0.16 and Firefox 29.0.1. Most of my students will run the corporate standard browser which is IE 10.

The reviewer installed the latest version of Flash player.


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jack,

Right, the default browser for CD content is Internet Explorer, so if there's an issue there, it might carry through to both versions. The fact that Firefox and IE have an issue with it makes me curious. 

Are you able to share the .story file here? I'm running Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox 29.0.1 on this machine. Since I have the same version of Firefox, I can test it in this environment. For IE, however, I may need to test elsewhere. 

Could you also let us know if the reviewer has any security options enabled on the web browser(s)? It may help to try lowering the levels, or even disabling them (just for testing) to see if something there is preventing the content from loading. 

Thanks, Jack!


Jeff Salus

Hi Leslie,

I'm using Storyline 2 right now, but I've had this problem for some time. In fact, I first discovered it while trying to view Storyline samples posted on the Articulate site. At first, I thought it might be the Amazon service used to host the files, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

I just discovered that when I click a link to story.html (for my course), all I get is the preloader. However, if I change the URL to point to story_html5.html in my browser's address bar the course loads. This is true in both IE 11 and FF 37.x. I haven't tried this technique for other people's courses but I will try it out as soon as I can. It's weird because I have Flash 17 installed and I don't have trouble with Flash anywhere else.

Strangely, I'm using Win 7 Pro SP1. If I follow the same link in an XP virtual machine with IE 9, the link opens normally.


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