Story Size - multiple screen recording sizes

I have a project where we are showing the connection of systems from one device to the next, and have screen recordings from a phone (using Reflector), both in portrait and landscape mode (apps are fixed orientation) AND a web app. The point is to show the flow between the different tools, so need to figure out the best story size to work with this project. There will be software simulation action within, manually inserted for the mobile app recordings and native SL ones where I can.

Any advice/insights would be most welcome!

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Holly,

That is an excellent idea to show how different systems are connected! 

When working with video files, I wanted to share some tips that I hope will help: 

  • Start with high-quality videos that are already properly sized for your course. Scaling media up or down in your course can cause blurriness.
  • Don't shrink or stretch media in your course.
  • If images and videos are more significant than your slides, they'll automatically be scaled down to fit, which can result in a loss of quality. 

We have a great user guide that provides more details on this here. I am hoping that others in the community can share what has worked best for them as well!