Story Size / Player questions

Sep 02, 2022

Couple questions for design setup:

1) How do you publish a course so that the course launches directly in the course and does not have that black play button screen on launch?


2) I'm trying to set up a free scrolling layout similar to a web page or a Rise course, where the user can scroll down the page. Is there a Story Design, Settings, or Player combo to enable that?



2 Replies
Judy Nollet

1. You're not the first to ask about that Play button that can show up when a course is launched. That happens when the first slide has audio and/or video. Many browsers disable auto-playing those files. In other words, they require the user to take an action (click PLAY) to proceed. The solution I've seen in other posts is to add a slide at the beginning that doesn't have any audio or video files. 

2. Storyline is a slide-based. There is no setting to make it continuously scroll. If you want that functionality, use Rise. If you sometimes want an interaction that Rise doesn't have, you can insert Storyline blocks into Rise. But the layout of the slides in the SL block won't re-arrange themselves responsively like Rise blocks do.