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Nov 07, 2016

Good morning! I'm hoping the Storyline gurus here can help me figure out a work-around for exporting my Storyline 1 file. I already know about all of the ways Storyline allows you to "Publish", but the kicker is, the Articulate program is on my laptop. I have a remote desktop computer in another state that I remote into from laptop. Articulate was put on my laptop because of recording -we have a mic that we plug in here, therefore the remote computer obviously doesn't recognize the device and we can't narrate to our remote computers, (which do have MS Office installed). However, the organizational "geniuses" (who still won't upgrade us to AS2), did not install MS Office on my *laptop* when they installed AS1! Therefore, I cannot publish to Word. Is there some other way, ANY other way, I can publish my course to a non-html, "word processing" format, so that the Notes and slides are both visible (and which doesn't require copying and pasting, or 25 steps and a Technical degree ;) -WordPad, Google Docs, anything.........

(With previous courses [I only do about 4 or 5 a year], I've had to copy the .story file to a network drive and have another ID, who does have MS Office in the same place as Storyline, publish to Word for me. But I'm tired of having to do this, if for no other reason than the principle of the matter!! And yes, I have been letting the PTB (aka "geniuses") know since January of LAST year (yes, 2015) that I need MS Office on my laptop, for this! But, obviously, my requests are falling on deaf ears, or they are following our typical organizational pattern and MAYBE by 2020 I'll have it, lol)

Thanks in advance for ANY and ALL suggestions!

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