Storyline 1 file to Storyline 2

Feb 05, 2015

Is anyone else having any issues updating a storyline 1 file to storyline 2? I open the file in Storyline 2, accept the offer to update it to a storyline 2 file, and everything looks fine. But when I go to preview the project, I get the message that something went wrong with Articulate and it might have to close. Closing that error message closes the preview window ... with Storyline itself staying open. My file still seems to be in tact ... except that I can't preview it to make sure it looks ok. I can preview a single slide ... but not at the scene or project level.

I've tried going back to the original storyline 1 file and going through the update process from scratch multiple times ... each ending the same way. I can't preview the file.

BTW ... this file worked fine and previewed perfectly ok in Storyline 1.

I'd really love to be working in Storyline 2 on this project. Any suggestions on how to make this update work?


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Marge Rutter

Unfortunately, that didn't make a difference. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, and updated the file from scratch all over again. I'm still getting the same error message when I try to preview more than a single slide.

Any other suggestions? I hope I'm not destined to work with Storyline 1 for all files that started in that version.

Marge Rutter

This is happening for upgraded files. New Storyline 2 files work fine. And if I create a new Storyline 1 file now, and then upgrade it to Storyline 2 ... it works. But the files I've already got will not upgrade.

Also ... a co-worker has tried doing the same thing, with the same results. So it's not an issue with Storyline on my computer.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marge, 

Yes, our team is aware of an issue with Engage 09 community interactions being imported into SL2 and causing a crash in preview - so thanks for sharing that element about the Engage piece. They're still investigating this issue - so it would be helpful if you had an SL1 file to share with the Engage interaction included. Currently you'll want to conduct the import minus the Engage interaction, and once you're ready to publish insert the Engage interaction at that time (without previewing). 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marge, 

If you'd like to share it with me privately you can send along here. All files are kept confidential and only shared internally for the purposes of testing. 

You'll want to follow the directions here for inserting an Engage interaction - is it a glossary interaction you created? If you're indicating you'd like to access it as if it were the glossary from Storyline (as a player tab) you will still follow the directions for inserting the Engage interaction and I'd include it in it's own scene, and then follow the steps here for linking to a custom tab in the player. 

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