Storyline 1 files not importing into Storyline 3

We have been using Storyline 1 for years.  A couple days ago we upgraded licenses to Storyline 3.  A few of our team members have been trying to open their files built in Storyline 1 in Storyline 3, and after the "do you want to upgrade this project" prompt and saying Yes, the file opens as a blank screen inside SL3 with no scenes.  The backup of SL1 is there and opens in SL1 as expected.   Any ideas?

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Brian Moore

Hello, I have exactly the same problem. I have multiple STORY files created in SL1 and I have upgraded to SL360. In 360, it would seem that every slide shows to have content when you look in the scenes to view the slides. However, when you double click on a slide to open and edit the content the slide looks blank. please see attached.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Brian,

Did you check that all the .story files were saved locally? I have seen the missing slide content occur before when opening a file that has been corrupted. 😕  There are some good best practices to follow here to prevent file corruption.

In the meantime, does the file still open in Storyline 1? When you upgraded it to Storyline 360, we automatically created a back up copy that would be labeled SL1 backup if you want to share that here, I can also try opening it within Storyline 360 to see how it works. 

Brian Moore

Hello Ashley,

Thanks for getting back to me. Upgrading in steps has worked. SL1 to SL2 to SL360, all content present and correct (so far).

Let me know if you would still like a copy SL1 backup to play with and I'll send it over, although would prefer direct send, if possible.

Once again, many thanks, Brian

Mara Merchant

The original post stated that when upgrading to SL3 where there were no scenes, but I am encountering the same issue as Brian when upgrading to 360. The scenes and thumbnails show up correctly, but double clicking on them shows a blank slide in the work area. This appears to be a recent issue, because I have been able to upgrade old files without problems in the past. 

During my testing I noticed that it wasn't every slide that had the problem, just a majority of them. I opened the files in SL1 to see what the difference was and discovered that it is any slide that has grouped objects that was having an issue. I un-grouped all of the objects on a handful of slides as an experiment, and those particular slides now imported into 360 correctly. Slides that I left untouched continued to be an issue.

Unfortunately my company does not have SL2 to go through the step by step upgrade as was the fix for Brian. We went directly from SL1 to 360. It would take considerable time for us to manually un-group everything in every SL1 course. Is there another solution or upcoming patch to fix the issue?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi all, 

We fixed some issues that could occur when upgrading Storyline 1 and Storyline 2 projects to Storyline 360, such as blank slides and incorrect text wrapping in the latest update to Articulate 360 released this morning. 

You can launch the Articulate 360 desktop app on your computer and click the Update button for each application. Details here.

Please let us know if you have any questions, either here or by reaching out to our Support Engineers directly.  Thanks for your patience!