Storyline 1 Opening File Issue

Feb 25, 2015

I created several modules in Storyline 1 over the past 2 years.  Since then, I have changed computers and companies.  Before doing so, I was careful to save everything on an external Terra Drive.  Well, I am trying to go back in and make updates to my previous programs (now using Storyline 2) and I am getting an error that says the program is either in use or I don't have permission to open it.  The data is there and it is certainly mine and nobody else is using it, but somehow the program has put a lock on me to keep me out of my own file!!

I've attached a picture of the error message below.  Can ANYONE help me as to how to get around this?  I have many programs lined up that are experiencing this and my stomach is slowly burning a hole through its lining!!

Thanks in advance to the smart ones out there!!


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Alex Stanton

I would try the above as well (my gut feeling is this is a harddrive/permissions error  not articulate problem)

Otherwise assuming your on windows here Right Click on your drive go to properties and look for permissions make sure you have  the ability to Read and Write to the drive.

Also Ctrl Alt Delte open task manager and make sure in processes there aren't multiple versions of storyline exe. running  (impatience has got the better of me in the past!)

Finally if your on a Corporate network its possible that the Symantech/Norton or whatever antivirus is interferring as its coming from a external source. (though thats me grabbing at straws)


Lance Crowe

To all who helped with this issue - thank you!!!  You are soooo smart!  The issue was trying to load off of the external drive.  Storyline 2 didn't like that at all.  When I copied it over to my local hard drive the problem was solved.

So thank you again to everyone!  I so appreciate this resource and it continues to be one of the reasons I stick so loyally with the Articulate line!

Have a great end of the week!!


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