Storyline 1 project made into a URL won't play on some browsers


I made a Storyline 1 project 2years ago and sent the URL to the client to use which worked beautiful for two years for everyone and still does for me and everyone in my depart with Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. It doesn't work well though with some of our clients now though even though I sent  them the same link. Have you heard of this and could it be that some peoples browsers are not capable to do this? I have sent the link below to see if anyone can play it



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Susi B

Hi Mikki,

I tested your link and it doesn´t show anything in Chrome but works in IE. I think you are running into some flash issues due to browsers not supporting flash anymore (flash is dying in 2020 so some of them already use html5 instead). The link changes in Chome to this: so you can see, it´s already using automatically the html5 output of your uploaded file. You should think about updating to Storyline 3 or 360 if you don´t want to send it as an offline file.



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Mikki, 

Susi is spot-on. We're seeing that modern browsers like Chrome are starting to block Flash, so we created an article here that explains what you can do to get around it. Keep in mind that Google Chrome is the only supported browser for Storyline 1 HTML5 content. 

Let us know if you have any further questions!