Storyline 1 Update 6 - Replay Button on iPad

Sep 25, 2014

Hi everyone,

We're currently producing courses in Storyline 1 Update 6 until we have thoroughly tested Storyline 2, but I have run into a bug that is a pretty big deal since many of our courses are published for iPad using the HTML5 output.

Here's the bug:

Once the seekbar reaches the end of the timeline, the replay button no longer replays the audio. It will restart the timeline, but the audio is not replaying. This is an iPad (HTML5) only issue, and it works correctly on PC.

This seems to be global across the Update 6 courses that I've checked with my iPad, and I think it is an issue specific to Update 6. I checked with an older course published with Update 4 (We skipped Update 5 due to a few bugs), and the replay button was working correctly on iPad.

This is a big deal, since this affects many courses that are currently in production. Does anyone have a solution for this bug?
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