Storyline 2 AICC not tracking progress in Chrome when relaunching Chrome

We set up some new courses in Storyline 2 but when testing those in our LMS (Oracle's enterprise learning), the tracking progress feature does not work if i close out Chrome and log back in. If i clear the cache in Chrome, i can start from where i stop. However, each time i open a new Chrome window i have to clear cache again in order to land where i stop last time.
We have courses develped on Articulate Presenter in the past and i don't see the same issue on those courses on the same LMS platform.
Does anyone experience the same issue? any suggestions?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jun,

Have you looked into the issues here with AICC content? 

AICC Content isn't reporting to LMS Correctly after resuming

AICC content won't track or resume in Cross domain environment 

Additionally you may want to look at testing this content outside of your LMS in a site such as SCORM Cloud for example. You can view the directions on testing AICC content in SCORM Cloud here.