Storyline 2: Assessment Retry Completion issue

Hi there,

I am doing some basic testing of Storyline 2 for our company to get a feel for what has changed in the new version. In doing so I have encountered what seems to be a rather significant bug in the SCORM 1.2 completion tracking when an assessment has the retry button on the results slide. Basically what is happening is that if the user fails the assessment on a first attempt as soon as they hit the retry button they are marked complete.

The course I am testing is a very simple default course created directly in Storyline 2. It has two content slides and a question bank with five true false questions:

The results slide is set to an 80% passing score and to allow the user to retry the quiz:

The reporting and tracking options in the publish settings are set to report an LMS Status of Completed/Incomplete and track by quiz results:

Our LMS is a SumTotal LMS that prompts the user with a popup as soon as they are marked complete. I take the course and get a failing score of 20%. At this point on the Resulst Slide I see the correct score and I hit the

retry button:

As soon as I hit the retry button I am taken back to the first question of the assessment and then quickly prompted that I have been marked complete by the LMS:

In the LMS when I exit the course I can see on the progress summary screen that the lower line item for this attempt is set to a status of complete and score of 0%, but the General overall score is set to 100%:

The activity details shows that same 100% overall score, but shows that I answered 4 of the 5 questions incorrectly which should be a 20% score as was shown on the results slide:

If I exit the coourse from the Resulst Slide immediately I am correctly marked as having a 20% score and incomplete status. So the error definitely appears to be tied to the retry functionality.

And since I know from experience support is going to ask this, yes we did test this in SCORM Cloud as well and saw the type of error there. Using the same course package and following the same steps where I fail, hit retry, and exit the course on the first question of the retry I see the following results in SCORM Cloud where it indicates I am complete with a score of 0%. This should be incomplete with the 20% score I got on the first attempt.

The detailed activity report in SCORM Cloud has some additional information that shows that after the first assessment attempt is taken the course updates the raw score 7 more times. Incrementing it from 20, to 25, to 33, to 50, and finally to 100% where it marks me complete. What is causing these additional adjustments to the raw score?

I have also created a quick and dirty screencast showing the behavior on both environments:

And the .story file is attached as well.

Honestly how does something this basic being broken make it into a final release? This is a showstopper in terms of us using Storyline 2.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Suzan,

I'm sorry you've run into some trouble with upgrading your files. I'd love to help, but since this discussion is a bit older let's start from scratch. 

  • What behavior or issue are you experiencing? Please share the details, and steps you go through to reproduce this. 
  • Is this occurring on files upgraded from SL2 to SL3 only? What about a newly created test file in SL3? 
  • Are you on the latest updates of SL2 (Update 12) and SL3 (Update 3)? 
  • Where are you testing/hosting your published content?

Finally, if you could share a copy of your .story file here with us, I am happy to take a look and you may also get more eyes from folks in the ELH community on this. If you can upload using the Add Attachment button, let us know and we can dive in!