Storyline 2 backwards compatible with Storyline 1

Jun 17, 2015

Hi all,

1) I'm wondering if I upgrade to Storyline 2, will I be able to use the existing .story native files that I have in Storyline 1?

2) If another team member already has Storyline 2, will I be able to load their native files into Storyline 1?

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Jay Snocker

Hi Justin,

I just upgraded to Storyline 2 yesterday and had the same questions.

1) Yes .story files from Storyline 1 open fine in Storyline 2. Some settings for some buttons might work differently, but overall I have not experienced any problems with files I created in Storyline 1.

2) No, .story files created in Storyline 2 will not open in Storyline 1. I tried it today and got a message that said, "This project cannot be opened. It might have been created in a newer version of Storyline."

Best of luck

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