Storyline 2 content output not updating for all users

We fixed an important mistake in a slide of our Storyline 2 course but when we uploaded the new zip for some reason not all users can see the change. I have cleared browser cache, restarted computer and tried again but still can see old content, as can other users. My e-learning specialist is out of the office for 2 days...

Can this lovely community please help?



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Kim Simmons

This happened to me once and I was unable to figure out why nor did I have the time to track down the answer. As a workaround, I deleted the originally published folder and republished the course with the necessary correction then everything worked as expected. I have made this a consistent practice.

I hope someone would be able to address the root cause and provide a solution for your issue.

C W Iuliano

Thanks all. I appreciate the attention and warm welcome. Issue still persists. We have cleared cache and restarted machines but some still see old content. Republishing new course not feasible as we are tracking completion and some colleagues have already passed. Will keep searching for answers until my e-learning team is back next week...

Leslie McKerchie

Hi CW - perhaps your server cache. Here is the solution we share:

You may find that your Articulate Storyline content doesn't update as expected in the following scenario:

*  You're hosting content on a web server or LMS.

*  You republish the content and overwrite the existing files on the web server or LMS.

This is due to file caching. See this article for solutions.