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Dave Cox

Hi Mary,

It sounds like that there is an issue with your video file. I import .mp4 videos into my contents all of the time, and seldom have any issues. But when I do, I find that the best thing to do is to re-render the video.

So the next question is, do you have any video editing software like Adobe CC or Vegas pro? Even if you don't have the source, if you can import the video, and re-render it to a new file, it should fix your problem.

While you have it in the editing software, take a look at your video size as well. If the screen resolution is significantly larger than your project screen size, try reducing it to match your project's screen size. Also check the frame rate. Usually, you don't need anything higher than 30 fps, and often you can get by with even less than that. These steps will reduce the size of your video, and may help it to play with less problem.