Storyline 2 Crashes When Trying to Publish to LMS

Oct 10, 2014

Storyline 2 crashes about 50% of the time when I try to publish to LMS.  The application freezes and I have to use Task Manager to shut down the application.  This freeze/re-launch actually caused some strange data "corruption" on one project that led to an hour's worth of re-work...CRIKEY! 


My colleague is also experiencing the same thing on her PC, so I’m thinking that this may be a bug in the programming.


Is anyone else having this issue?

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Alan Baines

I have had two instances already where Storyline 2 crashes when trying to publish to Articulate on-line. It simply freezes and you have to close it down in task manager. If you then re-open AS-2 and the attendant file, it then publishes correctly. I cannot find any obvious reason for this annoying behaviour that was never seen with AS-1

Tracy Buthe

Hi everyone, 

Just FYI - I was having the same issue where i would click the Publish button and Storyline 2 would completely lock up. So, I upgraded to Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 and that seems to have helped me - so far anyway!!  Instructions are in the link that Emily provided. Just thought I'd share. 

Have a great week!!


Mark Williams

I am consistently seeing this problem the first time I publish after a reboot. Publish works OK after I kill SL from task manager, then restart. Same thing happens whether it's publish to web, LMS, or Word.

I am evaluating SL2 for a large corporate rollout and honestly, this is a potential show-stopper for us. Many of our users have locked-down computers and cannot run as administrator, install apps, clean their own registries, etc - doing so will require hands-on tech support. 

Are there any plans to resolve this bugginess in future releases? 

Mark Williams

It's inconsistent. I've seen it in a couple instances, with a couple different files, but I can't always replicate it. The issue is not really about me being able to solve the problem - I can likely do that with the fixes recommended because I am in the minority that have control of their computers. The majority of our Storyline users do not have such control, so they would have to have our tech support do it.

I will note this as something to further test once we get more people involved in our testing cycles. Given that I'm not the only one reporting it, I was hoping it might be a bug that would be fixed in an upcoming release.

Mark Williams
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Mark Lester


You can add five more SL2 users to the list. we're experiencing the same crash/task manager fix/cross your fingers/republish issue.

It occurs on five separate work stations (installed to C) across multiple files about 50% of the time and as with Mark's post above we're in a similar situation to his team and don't have admin rights to run any registry hacks or reinstalls due to being on a large corporate network.

As we and other posters didn't have this issue when publishing through SL1 would it safe to assume there is a bug fix in the not too distant future?

Thanks in advance

Mark Lester

Hi Ashley, thanks for your response,

With regards to the error log, I'd have to log a job with our IT department to run it as it also requires admin rights. Just to note this will dependant on approval and may take some time.

I'm not over optimistic that the error log will contain anything relevant for your team other than the end task event (at best) given that the program just hangs and no visible error is reported. 

On a lighter note: myself and a colleague were able to save and publish to our local drives 5 times (presumably more) without issue.

This is a good result in the interim as it provides us with some publishing consistency, however this work-around is against our company policy as there is no automated network backup of our files and doesn't easily cater for multiple developers contributing to courses.

I think it's important to note that there has been no changes to our network and this issue has only occurred since upgrading to SL2 and we were able to publish to the corporate network in SL1 without issue.

Thanks in advance,


Emily Ruby

Hello Mark,

Thanks for the update. I am glad to see that publishing to the local drive has worked. This is the manner in which we always recommend to work from and publish files with Articulate products. If you do need to work with the files in a network environment, we recommend to follow the steps here.

If you can get the error logs from your IT, it would be helpful to send to the support team, as any information you can provide could help isolate the issue.

Mark Lester

Hi Emily,

Oh my bad... I wasn't aware that saving/publishing to a network drive wasn't the recommended way, guess SL1's previous compatibility with our network environment lulled me into a false sense of confidence:)

Tom's article on MS Sync Toy looks like it could be a viable solution for our stable publishing and network backup requirements but once again this will be dependent on approval.

Thanks for your help with this Emily & Ashley, you guys have great support and SL2 is such a pleasure to work with!


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