Storyline 2 'hanging' when writing TinCan statements to LRS?

Hi guys,

We're just launching our new LRS solution and have authored all of our modules in Storyline 2 and published them using the TinCan option.

The format of the courses is video followed by 3 quiz questions. 

We're noticing that the Storyline 'buffering' appears after the last quiz question before the next video starts.

I've had our tech guys look at this and they say there's no issue with the LRS and there isn't any pre-loading of the next video happening, but instead the delay appears to be caused by Storyline 2 taking a while to write the TinCan statements before moving on.

Has anyone had a similar experiences or know of any solutions? I'm happy to give someone access to our LRS if they want to see what's happening?



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Andy -- Thanks for reaching out and for indicating what troubleshooting steps you have already attempted. May I ask if you are finding the same behavior when you test your course in the SCORM Cloud? You may also want to take a look at this article for some additional troubleshooting ideas. 

Please let us know if issues persist and we'll see what more we can do.