Storyline 2 Installation Stuck at 95%

Sep 07, 2017

Hello All, I am having difficulty installing Storyline 2. The installation get to about the 95% spot on the installation bar and won't go any further. 

Has anyone else had this issue in the past?

I have previously uninstalled Storyline after a failed upgrade, restarted and now trying to resinstall. 

I'd appreciate any insight you fine folks may have, thank you!


After cancelling the installation, and restarting the process I now receive this error message. Error: 80070020

 This message as well. Error: 80070652

During my most recent installation attempt, I now receive this dialog box.

Failed installation dialog box, following the previous when not able to locate the storyline20.msi.

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Ali Goulet

Hey Joshua!

I'm so sorry that's happening. I see that you submitted a case to our Support Engineers- perfect move!

It's been escalated and someone will be reaching out soon to work with you directly on this.

I'm going to relay the information you've included here, along with those super helpful screenshots, right to your case so it's all together. 

I also have a couple more questions for you as I'm updating your case information: 

  1. What Windows version are you running?
  2. Are you the administrator on your computer?

Let me know and I'll include those details as well!

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Joshua! We were just on a chat together, and it looks like we got disconnected.

Rest assured your case was escalated to the right team.  We’ve been a little busier than usual, so I’m sorry that you didn’t receive a reply within a couple of days.  I’m going to make sure that an engineer gets back to you as soon as possible; I see that you submitted your case on September 7th.

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