Storyline 2: Issue Tracking Completion Based on Slide Views

Hello -

I've looked for previous answers to this issue, but I'm not having any luck. I have a course with 41 slides, and 40 are required to track completion. No matter how many times I go through the course viewing 40 or 41 slides, it will not mark complete in our LMS (SilkRoad Learning). At first I thought it might be that views are based on completion of the timeline, but everything I've found here indicates that slide views are based on the timeline starting. I went through my course and counted that I viewed all slides, and I also confirmed that I don't have extra slides that aren't linked anywhere. I cannot figure out what's going on. The course is somewhat complex with branching and variables, but that shouldn't impact slide views tracking properly, should it?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!



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Judy Nollet

Have you successfully published courses for that LMS before, but tracking completion via a Results slide? In other words, are you sure the LMS publishing settings -- especially the "Report status to LMS as" field -- are correct? If you aren't sure about the proper setting for that field, try publishing with another option selected.

It's also possible that the Silkroad Learning LMS requires special instructions when tracking via slides viewed, since there isn't a mastery score.  I mention this because one of my clients uses Saba, and they require using an edited SCORMFunctions.js file, because Saba determines completion slightly differently than per standards. Unfortunately, that's the sort of thing that would have to be determined and corrected by a programmer.