Storyline 2 Markers annoying bug?

Jan 08, 2015


When using markers in SL2, I format the caption with the options No outline and No fill but the caption will still show. I know I can set the Markers to Audio only, but that is kind of annoying and ridiculous to waste extra time doing that. Specially when you upgrade a SL1 project and you have to go through all the slides and set all the markers to Audio only, what a waste of time!

My problem now is that I want to show text inside the caption but still with No outline and No fill, but SL2 still shows the caption!!!!

Anyone else bothered by this? I didn't find any forum discussion about it.

Any solutions?

I'm becoming more and more frustrated with SL2, it seems it was released before they had time to fix these annoying little things. I really hope this is fixed with the next update. Meanwhile if someone has ideas please share.


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Maria Campos

Hi Parashuram,

That's a good idea to solve the problem with the text, thanks!

Now I just need storyline to solve the other problem related to projects started in SL1 and then upgraded to SL2. I find it strange that no one started a forum about this yet, I'm really curious to know how people deal with this.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Maria, 

I'm not sure I understand the issue you're having with upgrading your files. Do you have a sample you could share with us or some screen shots of the behavior difference? As Parashuram shared, we're here in the forums and try to get to every thread (some days takes longer than others!) but you can also always connect with our Support team here. 

Maria Campos

Hi Ashley,

The problem with the markers happens in projects started from scratch in SL2 as you can see in the 2 attachments. The captions are set to No fill and No outline, however when you hover over the icon a small caption will show. 

When I upgrade projects started in SL1 (markers worked correctly in SL1) in SL2 I have to go through all the slides and set the markers to audio only so the caption doesn't show, that is a waste of time as you can imagine.

The second attachment is in case I want to have a marker and I want text to show when hovered, but I don't want to show the caption fill or outline, only the text. Parashuram was helping me with that one. I tried it out but I can seem to make it work.

When open the format shape window and set the transparency to zero it will only affect the marker and not the caption, what am I doing wrong?

I posted this in the forums because I found it odd that no one else started this topic, or at least I didn't find anything about it. If there are more threads about this please share the links.


Maria Campos

Hi Phil,

It can be if you don't want to show any text, how about if you want to show text without the caption? As in a caption with transparent background and fill?

And why did it work fine in SL1 (choosing No fill and No outline) and it doesn't work in SL2? It's a pain when you upgrade a project and you have to change all the markers, not effective or efficient way of upgrading I think.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Maria,

Thanks for the images and explanation now. I see that this issue has been reported to our QA team based on this thread.  I'll tag that report with this thread as well so that we can provide any additional updates here for you and others. In the meantime, I'm glad Phil was able to provide you a work around. 

Maria Campos

Hi Emily,

Thanks for the update!

Fixed some, messed some. I notice that when I open the projects I was working there is something weird going on with buttons with icons. The icons are huge compared to the size they were before, so now before saving each project I'll need to go through all the slides one by one and decrease the size of the icons. Any fix planned for this? Or work around? It is really time consuming the way it is now.



Maria Campos

Hi Ashley,

Everything else looks normal so far.

I attached an example, the screen shots on the left are the ones I see on the published file in the LMS (published a few weeks ago) on the right are the screenshots of what I see now when I open the same project.

When I updated from SL1 to SL2 I noticed the opposite, the icons on the buttons got smaller and at that time I changed their size manually on all the projects. This time they got bigger although the number in the letter size remains the same as it was before this update. If you need the SL2 file let me know how I can send it confidentially please.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Maria

I had a similar issue however mine went the other way - from normal size to shrinky dink when upgrading from SL1 to SL2.  In SL2 update 4 we had to increase the font size of the button icons to '36'.  Now when I open the upgraded SL2 file in update 5 they have all reduced to font size '22.5'.  But if I increase to 36 they are oversized - now the new size is '28' - very frustrating.

Maria Campos

Hi Wendy,

When I upgraded from SL1 to SL2 I had the exact same problem, the icons shrunk. Now with update 5 I see the same size as before which is '54' but the visual size of the icons is huge compared to what it was before so I had to reduce them to '32'. It is indeed frustrating, hopefully they'll come up with a fix soon.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Maria,

I just replied in the case, but also wanted to share a portion of it here for anyone else following along.

Thanks again for sending along your file. I took a look at the file using Update 4 of SL2 and Update 5 as well and I saw the behavior you mentioned where the icons were much larger. Within you file I was able to adjust the size of the button icon, and see a change to not have the larger size displayed. Similarly, I could insert a new button and icon, and those were sized appropriately on the first attempt. I than also started a brand new file in SL2 Update 4 with a number of buttons and a variety of icons and sizes - and then I opened that version in SL2 Update 5. That one did not show any changes to the size listed or shown of the button icons. With that in mind, I'd like to confirm that you're following along with these guidelines when working on your .story files. 

When creating, editing, and publishing Articulate Storyline courses, be sure you're working on your local hard drive (typically your C: drive). Working on a network drive or a USB drive can cause erratic behavior, such as file corruption, an inability to save changes, and loss of resources. See this article for more information.

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