Storyline 2 next button won't advance in Chrome


I downloaded a Storyline: Tabcordion Interaction (SL2-Tabcordion-by-Montse.story) and tried to adapt it to a project I am working on. I added a title slide to the beginning, but this slide will not advance in Chrome.  The progress wheel just keeps spinning around. It works fine in Firefox and Safari.  I also notice that Chrome changes my URL when the project loads (from:


Any work-arounds? Thoughts?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Laurie!

It looks like you're viewing the Flash version (story.html) in Firefox and Safari, and the HTML5 version (story_html5.html) in Chrome. That is because Chrome has started to block Flash.

In any case, we need to take a closer look at why you're seeing a loading circle in HTML5. Would you mind sharing your file with us by clicking here?

Laurie Noffs

Hi folks, this interaction is still not working consistantly for me.

I added several slides to the beginning, but it will not advance past slide 7 to the slide with the accordian interaction on it (slide 8).  The progress wheel just keeps spinning around. 


Brian Dennis got back to me saying this:  "Script on your page hits a scripting error keeping the page from fully functioning. In particular a reference to "vapi".... Have you tried reaching out to Montse via Contact Me? She's generally quite responsive"

Can someone please re-visit this?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Laurie,

I saw the same thing when testing your link in Chrome with HTML5 output (the Flash version worked fine). You mentioned that Brian suggested reaching out to Montse. Was this course one that wasn't authored by you? If it was something that Montse created, I'd ask her about that scripting. If you'd like to share a copy of your .story file with us again we're happy to take a look! 

Laurie Noffs

Hi Heros!

I created another lesson, this time from scratch, no template.  I am having the same issue that one button (Water Quality) from slide 5 won't progress in Chrome or in Safari.  All other 6 buttons on that slide work fine.  It all works fine in Firefox.

Chrome or in Safari change the url to:

Please help me figure this out!

Laurie Noffs

It seems to me that both Chrome and Safari default back to having Flash disabled.  I enabled Flash on Chrome a few months ago and now it went back to disabled.  This is a huge problem as my elearning lessons do seem to work correctly as story.html but are glitchy as story_html5.html

Does anyone else see this problem? Is there a known remedy?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Laurie, 

What update of Storyline 2 did you publish this with? I published it with Storyline 2 Update 12, and uploaded it here to Amazon S3. I pointed to the HTML5 output, but you could also see the Flash here. The HTML5 played in Safari and Chrome on the Mac for me, and the Flash also played in chrome on Windows.

I was able to navigate from slide 5 to slide 6, and as you mentioned clicking on "Water Quality" caused the page to load continuously in HTML5 for Safari/Chrome. I tried changing the image to jump to a new slide, and that worked successfully, so it looks to be an issue with slide 2.6. I didn't see anything obvious that would cause the issue, but you could look at creating a new copy of that slide (make sure you're working locally) and insert it into this existing project to see if that resolves the issues. 

Laurie Noffs

Thank you so much for getting back to me.  I am also using Storyline 2 Update 12.  I created a test slide in scene 2 and linked the water button from slide 5 to this one to see if it will work on Chrome and Safari.  I will have to wait until our IT team deploys the servers and will check this out tomorrow.