Storyline 2: Play/Pause button (seekbar) missing on ipad

We have several courses that are published for HTML5 (not published for the articulate mobile player) and we are experiencing an issue with the player seekbar when viewed on the ipad.  The seekbar works as it should on internet explorer but when viewed on the ipad the play/pause button are missing.  Anyone else having the same issue? 

Also, we noticed that the quiz review option isn't working like before.  When the user attempts to review a quiz the Next and Previous button are missing so they are unable to review the quiz and get stuck on the first question.  Anyone else also having this issue? 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Oswaldo,

I've seen this issue recently reported to our QA team that the play/pause button could be missing while viewing the HTML5 output - but I'd seen it reported for Chrome HTML5 output, not necessarily the iPad. Do you see it there as well? 

In regards to your review quiz issue - those buttons should be appearing, as that's the default behavior described here.  

Do you have a .story file we could look at in regards to your quiz review?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Oswaldo,

Thanks for confirming you're seeing this in mobile safari. I'll add this thread to the existing report filed with our QA team, but unfortunately I don't have at time frame to offer in regards to a fix.

As for the quiz review - are you able to share it privately if I open up a case on your behalf?  This is kept confidential among our team and for internal use only. If not, could you tell us a bit more about your quiz set up? Have you looked to see if the next/previous buttons are clicked on/off within the slide properties? Have you set the course navigation to restricted or locked? Are there any triggers to change the state of the next button to hidden? Is it only happening in new files or files you've upgraded from SL1, or both? 

Jack Hyland

Noting that I'm having this problem too. My Storyline tutorials have been created using the "display at user's current browser size" setting but the Prev Next buttons aren't appearing in Safari. It's creating problems for our users as aren't able to submit quiz answers to be logged in our LMS. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jack,

I'm not sure that this is the same issue - but the first thing I'd check is that you're using the most recent update of Storyline (SL1 update 6 and SL2 update 1).

Next, are you only seeing this while viewing in your LMS? You may wan to try testing it in SCORM Cloud as well as that's an industry standard for testing LMS content, and we're aware of some display issues when content is forced into an iFrame - a lot of fixes were implemented in SL1 update 6 and the first release of SL2 - although we can't guarantee it works in every LMS. 

Vin Eiamvuthikorn

Hi Ashley, I'm having the same issue. The Play/Pause trigger button disappear on iPad HTML version on both Safari and Chrome browser, from both SCORM cloud and our LMS (pictures attach). The button shows up on the Flash version, and the HTML version on Desktop.

I'm on the latest update of SL2.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Marco,

Within this other thread, it seems that Moodle has a known issue with displaying the content on a mobile device. As detailed in my latest answer in that thread, you could test outside of Moodle to confirm that you're seeing the same issue and then I'd encourage you to connect with your Moodle team. 

Sherri Sagers

Hey David and Ashley - 

We've recently been republishing tons of old modules into Storyline 2 so that they can function in HTML5 in Safari on an iPad. Our customers aren't allowed to download the Articulate Mobile Player. We've been implementing David's fix for the missing seekbar, but just recently started seeing a new issue on the quizzes, which seems to be related to the seekbar fix. 

Now (after implementing the seekbar fix), if, during a quiz, we click on the seekbar at any time , the answers re-arrange themselves so that the correct answer is always in the same position. Each question has a 0-point, 1-point, and 3-point answer and they're probably all built that way. They're set to be randomized, and they are randomized initially, but if we click on the seekbar, at any point (while the narrator is reading the question), they re-order themselves, so that the correct answer is always in the same position.

I've checked and this doesn't happen when taking the quiz through Chrome on a PC, but it happens every time in Safari on an iPad. 

Ideas for a fix other than manually rearranging all the answer options and setting the questions not to randomize?