Storyline 2 problems

What's supposed to be better about Storyline 2 as compared with Storyline 1?  I had relatively few problems using Storyline 1 and since I've upgraded to Storyline 2 I can't even get my project started.  I refuses to import some of the videos I need to use and it erratically won't let me save the project.  My impulse is to revert to Storyline 1.  What are the negatives of taking that approach?


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Mary Field

I'm not trying to be difficult but in spite of what appear to be additional
features (none of which I can use if I can't get the product to work) the
features that I typically use are present in Storyline 1. Plus...the
comparison suggests that the upgraded version allows for uncompressed video
files and so far the inability to import uncompressed video files is what
I'm having trouble with.

I'm going to uninstall Storyline 2 and then re-install to see what happens.

Is there some point at which Storyline 1 will stop working...or will I not
be able to access Storyline support if I continue to use Storyline 1? I'm
afraid to start spending time building my project on Storyline 2 and then
find that I have to recreate it in Storyline 1.

I'll re-post after I've un-installed/re-installed and tested it out.

Thanks for your quick response.